Purchase and delivery of sports attributes and other goods represented in 1001 challenge project
1. Range

1.1 Users of 1001 challenge Website and Mobile Application have the opportunity to purchase certain goods on the Website or in the Mobile Application:
- T-shirts,
- award medals,
- other sports items.
1.2 The seller of such goods may be either the Company itself or third parties (partners, sellers, distributors) (the "Suppliers"), whichever is specified in the description of the goods.

2. Warning when purchasing goods from Suppliers.
The Supplier shall be responsible for the execution of the sales contract concluded between the User and the Supplier through the Website on the basis of the information provided by the Company about the goods or the Supplier, as well as for the observance of the rights of consumers violated as a result of the transfer to the consumer of goods of inadequate quality and the exchange of non-food goods of inadequate quality for similar goods.

3. General provisions
3.1 The Company does not keep any information about User's debit or credit card used for payment.
3.2 The Company shall provide the ordered goods or services only after receiving the full payment.
3.3 If the Company is unable to provide the ordered and paid goods, the Company shall immediately return the total amount paid by the User to repay the value of the ordered goods (except for bank fees and costs that may have been charged by the User's servicing bank when paying for goods through the Website).
3.4 The Company does not guarantee the availability of any goods published on the Website.

4. Delivery Methods, Costs and Deadlines
4.1 The Company provides the following ways to deliver the goods ordered on the Website:
- delivery by Russian Post
- delivery by the SberLogistics service.
4.2 After payment of the order, the User will receive the shipment track number assigned by the Russian Post or other postal services and the User must independently monitor the receipt of the goods at the place of residence.
4.3 Goods with the symbols of the current challenge are sent in the month of the end of the challenge, approximately 2 weeks before the end of the event.
4.4 Other goods from online stores are shipped immediately after checkout.
4.5 Delivery time depends on destination and schedule of postal services.
4.6 Cost of delivery in Moscow, Moscow region and Russia - free of charge.
4.7 The cost of shipping to other countries can be clarified by contacting . The cost of delivery is determined by the rates of the Russian Post or other postal services, the User will receive a link to pay with the amount of postage, and the goods will be sent after payment of these fees.
4.8 The value of the goods ordered by the User may additionally be charged with any import taxes, fees or payments (e.g. VAT) in the country of delivery. The Company does not pay on behalf of the User the specified import taxes, fees or payments, cannot predict whether they will need to be paid, as well as the estimated amounts of such accruals.

5. Return and Exchange
5.1 The User shall have the right to demand the Company to return the previously paid money for the goods, if such goods were not received by the User within the agreed period. In such case, the Company shall within ten (10) calendar days make a full refund of such amount.
5.2 The Company does not assume any responsibility for the delivery error caused by the User, which, for example, did not provide the correct details of the recipient.
5.3 The User has the right to exchange or return goods purchased on the Website. The exchange and return are not subject only to the goods specified in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 55 of January 19, 1998. To return and exchange goods, the User must perform the following actions:
- inform the Company's Support Team by writing to .
- return the goods to the Company by Russian Post or otherwise (the goods shall be shipped in this case at the Buyer's expense).
5.4 If the goods are returned, the Company shall immediately return to the User all amounts paid for the goods, except for the cost of delivery. The cost of delivery is determined by documents provided by the Russian Post or other postal services involved.
5.5 In case of exchange of goods for similar goods of different size/color, the Company shall within 10 (Ten) calendar days send new goods to the User. Re-delivery shall be at Buyer's expense. The cost of delivery is determined by the rates of the Russian Post or other postal services, the User will receive a link to pay with the exact amount of postage, and the goods will be sent after payment of these fees.

6. Additional questions
For further questions, contact . Opening hours from 8 to 22:00 Moscow time. Acceptance of orders via the Site, Mobile application 24/7.